Hours of Operation

Tennis Pro Shop  
Monday-Friday (All Year):   8am-2pm
Saturday (October-May): 9am-12pm
Sunday: Closed
Drop-In Schedule  
Men's Clubhouse:                
Monday-Saturday: 8am-9:30am
Courts 1-4  
Ladies (Lake Village):  
Monday-Friday: 8am-9:30am
Courts 10-12  
Tennis Shop:

Weekly Happenings

All levels are welcome! Come enjoy some morning tennis!

Lessons & Clinics

Come improve your game with our USPTA Tennis Professional, Kimberly Jones. You can work one-on-one or gather a few friends to work on your game. Contact the Tennis Office to make your reservations at 239-985-1826 or email

1 Hour Private: $65
1/2 Hour Private: $35
3 Players & a Tennis Pro 1 Hour: $25/person


Gift Certificates are available upon request!

2020-2021 Lee County League Teams

Lexington has two very successful in-house leagues which are the Men's Hackers League on Friday afternoons at 2:00 pm and the Ladies' Intramural League on Saturday mornings at 9:30am. During the summer most of the team players continue to take part with weekly Round Robins. Each month there are tennis mixers.

Women's League Matches Begin at 11:30am

1- 4.0 Senior Gold team matches on Friday
1- 4.0- team matches on Monday
1- 3.5 minus team matches on Wednesdays
1- 3.5 Senior Silver team matches Friday
1- 3.0 Senior Nickel  team matches Fridays
1- 3.0 minus Senior Bronze division team matches Wednesday
2- 2.5 division team matches Tuesdays


Men's League Matches Begin at 2:00pm - January 2021

1- Red D team matches Thursdays
1- White A team matches Mondays
1- White D team matches Mondays
1- Blue B team matches Tuesdays
1- Blue E team matches Tuesdays  
1- 70+ I team matches Wednesdays
1- 70+ II team matches Wednesdays
1- 70+ III team matches Wednesdays


Please call the Tennis Office at 239-985-1817 to sign-up for any of our special events