Ambassador Program 

New LLGA members can be assigned to a current league member for orientation purposes.  The mentorship will be individually designed with the goal of introducing the new member to current members and assisting the new member to the league’s schedules, golf information and league format. This optional program can be accessed when the new member signs up at the Pro Shop.


Ambassadors for 2023-2024 
Sue Buerkel- [email protected] 508-728-6565
Sue Osborn- [email protected] 419-340-3260
Pat Hone- [email protected] 706-473-1243
Patty Coats- [email protected] 330-268-3179
Cathy Bonneau- [email protected] 508-510-9529
Celine Chranofsky - [email protected] 647-544-4917
Mary Ann [email protected] 631-375-4456
Marianne Patton [email protected] 937- 307-9394
Linda Thomas [email protected] 774-254-6583
Judy Birch gjbirch@ 513-324-9679
Diane McShane [email protected] 574-261-0371
Linda Barone- [email protected] 774-413-0010
Marilyn Odle- mmodle1947@ 815-351-5644
Colleen Hamacher- [email protected] 920-655-8555
Jeanne Mirsberger- [email protected] 414-659-0112
Darlene Quigley- [email protected] 269- 567-8261
Jennifer Pokopac- [email protected] 330-715-2325
Elaine Boyrer- [email protected] 516-532-6871
Cheri Winslow- [email protected] 508-341-5175
Sue Corbett- [email protected]
Charlene Cummings- [email protected]
Lead Ambassador: Linda Voit- [email protected] 586-651-0302
Updated: February 2024