Ladies 18 Hole Golf Association Committee

Mission Statement:
To promote interest and enthusiasm for the game of golf;
To host weekly events and tournaments;
To learn and play by the USGA rules of golf;
To foster friendship and sportsmanship;
To support selected charities. 



Committee Members:

President Jodie Hermer 507-381-4524    
Vice President Caryn Kast 239-489-0444    
Secretary Sue Buerkel 508-728-6565    
Treasurer Charlene Cummins 954-298-5717    
Events Coordinator Nancy Brown 207-653-2569    
Events Coordinator Susan Corbett 813-267-5674    
Golf Committee Liaison Terri Orr 727-237-3316    
Chair of Nominating Committee Marcia Policastri 239-898-5977    
Ambassador Program Chair Linda Voit 586-651-0302    
President Emeritus                        Cheri Winslow        508-341-5175    

Volunteer Posts:

Sunshine Chair Julie Cleary 201-264-2223    
Gulf Coast Inter-Club Reps Tricia Ladd 612-209-0646    
  Linda Barone 774-413-0010    
Lee County Interclub II Jen Pokopac 330-715-2325    
  Jeanne Mirsberger 414-659-0112    
Birdie/Chip-In Chair Debbie Magruder 217-341-4482    
Photographer Cyndy Cull 585-455-6631