To Promote Interest and Enthusiasm for the Game of Golf​
To Host Weekly and Special Events
To Learn and Play by the USGA Rules of Golf
To Foster Friendship and Sportsmanship Among Members

Ladies 9 Hole Golf Association


Executive Board:  2022-2023

Ann Grafman e.a.grafman@gmail.com 585-415-4354
Sue Murdock glassylady555@sbcglobal.net 248-891-8313
Becky Dolph bdolph57@gmail.com 816-447-0623
Toni Hansen toni4580@aol.com 716-523-7105
Linda Semenek ldsemenek@comcast.net 847-312-0201
Jerre Karl jerre.karl@gmail.com 865-765-4846
Kathie Crupi gordoc25@yahoo.com 239-738-0303
Ann Kummerow anniek47@aol.com 815-404-6663
Deb Michal debmichal@aol.com 937-361-6244

2022-2023 Committee Chair Persons:

Chip-Ins & Birdies Jerre Karl rjerre.karl@gmail.com 865-765-4846
Hospitality & Publicity Kathie Crupi gordoc25@yahoo.com 239-466-0545
New Members Annie Kummerow anniek47@aol.com 815-404-6663
Opening Day Nancy Johnson njnjohnson3446@gmail.com 239-466-7497
Holiday Luncheon Becky Dolph bdolph57@gmail.com 816-447-0623
Special Event Kathy Jones kwj5938@gmail.com 770-639-5938
Spring Event Jo Hinrichs hinrichsej@gmail.com 712-830-2649
Closing Day Mary Ann Johnson johnson.mary@comcast.net 651-334-7908
Invitational/KISS Linda Semenek ldsemenek@comcast.net 239-940-9511

2022-2023 Mentors:

Annie Kummerow anniek47@aol.com 815-404-6663  
Kathie Crupi gordoc25@yahoo.com 239-466-0545
Jerre Karl jerre.karl@gmail.com 865-765-4846
Bianca Cody Murphy biancacodymurphy@gmail.com 508-728-2024